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about us

11th St Marylebone Muslim Scout Group was founded in 1999 by a few dedicated individuals hoping to create a fun, productive and most importantly Islamic environment for children to learn new skills.



This initiative swiftly grew into one of the first Muslim scout groups in the UK, bringing leaders, parents and children together to create a close-knit community determined to enhance their children’s personal development and contribute to the wide community. After more than a decade of hard work and perseverance our scout group continues

to play a major role in the lives of many individuals. Through fun, motivational and adventurous activities we have helped develop personalities, confidence, leadership skills and a sense of brotherhood amongst our children and leaders. 11th St Marylebone Muslim Scout Group is a pioneer in providing additional support to every child’s development, ensuring they maintain and further strengthen Islamic values through every stage of

their childhood.



Sessions take place every two weeks on a Sunday in which the children work towards specific badges for the term. During the sessions different activities are carried out to cover the requirements for the badges, additionally an Islamic Circle is incorporated to teach the children about key Islamic values that go hand in hand with scouting, from the Quran, the Prophets and hadiths.




Camps are an essential part to scouting, this is where the scouts can put into practice everything they have learnt from sessions such as rope tying and setting up tents. The camps take place at the end of term where the sections will undertake various exciting activities and experiences. Not only is it a vital aspect of scouting but it is also a great learning and bonding experience for both the kids and leaders.




Our scouts are taught about the importance of respecting one’s community. They have participated in many local ventures, such as helping in homeless shelters and raising money for charity.




Additionally, 11th St. Marylebone are involved in the wider scouting community on both a national and international level. District events such as the Annual Quiz and Sports Tournament provide an opportunity for our scouts to work closely with other groups in the area. We also participate in the annual Olympics organized by the UK Muslim Scout Fellowship, which teaches the kids dedication and sportsmanship but moreover allows them to connect and engage with their fellow scouts from across the UK.


Gillwell Mosque

After 10 years in the making, 11th St. Marylebone have contributed to the opening of Gilwell Mosque in the Scouts Headquarters Gilwell Park, a milestone in the history of scouting.


Jamboree 2015

A number of our leaders were fortunate enough to attend a number of jamborees held throughout the years, the most recent being in Japan 2015. The uniting of over 35000 scouts and leaders worldwide every four years is an immensely joyous experience brings people together from different walks of life to celebrate the diversity of scouting.

Our scouts are taught about the importance of respecting one's community."

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